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Parkhouse Street, Camberwell

The ongoing development at Parkhouse Street in Camberwell is a landmark project in delivering energy-efficient afforable housing and commercial space to the Southwark community.

Cannon were contracted to design and install 298 CFA and screw piles in order to form the foundations for the project. Constructing piles within the Thanet Sands, Cannon had to combine their technical in-house design experience with operational logistics in order to deliver their usual standard of operational excellence.

The diameter of the piles ranged from 350mm to 450mm and were installed to depths of 18.8m utilising a Soilmec rig from Cannon’s fleet. Of the 298 piles, 8 were crane base piles and 32 were installed as screw piles in order to form the boundary wall within a tree protection zone.

Cannon were on site for 20 days, beating our tender programme by a week and allowing our client to advance the next phase of development. The five day relief was acheived by the Cannon’s team’s dedication to programme and our wealth of experience in delivering operational excellence. Working for over thirty years with inner city logistics and tough ground conditions like Thanet Sands, Cannon are experienced and practiced at the design and delivery of bored piling solutions.

Our client, ARJ Construction, were extremely pleased with Cannon’s results, commenting: “Thank you very much. It was an absolute pleasure working with Cannon... see you on the next one, literally next door!”

This project is an exemplefication of Cannon’s expertise and our ability to deliver operational excellence no matter the logistical restrictions or ground conditions. Highly experienced in inner-city working and bored piling design, the team are specialised and skilled. Focused in on quality and customer satisfaction, we work to deliver bespoke designs which add value to our client’s projects, delivering operational excellence from concept to demoblisation.


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