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Mini Piling

Cannon Piling are a specialist mini piling contractor, designing and delivering operational excellence on schemes nationwide.

What is mini piling?

Mini piling is most suited for restrictive or low headroom projects, making it ideal for works inside buildings or on sites with restrictive access. With various applications, mini piles can be used as replacement of traditional footings for new build houses and factories when ground conditions become unfavourable. Mini piles can also be used to strengthen existing structures such as bridges, retaining walls, floor slabs, or used as an alternative to traditional underpinning.

What are the advantages of mini piling?

  • Mini piling causes minimal disturbance/vibration to adjacent structures during the installation

  • With suitable ground conditions they can be installed cost effectively, with high load capacities

  • Can work within low headroom in restricted working conditions

  • A good solution for sites with environmental sensitivity

What are the most common methods of mini piling?

The most common method of mini piling is Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) piling. It is used in low head room or very restricted job sites where using a CFA rig is not possible. The piles are created using auger sections, rather than one complete auger as in CFA piling. This allows for the rigs and associated equipment to be a lot smaller, making the solution effective for restricted access sites. SFA is typically considered for use in all unobstructed ground conditions.

Cannon Piling are skilled and experienced in the delivery of mini piling projects across the UK. We focus in on value-engineering, providing value-added schemes tailored to your requirements. Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our experts today.

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