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Bottom Driven Piling

Cannon Piling are an experienced bottom driven piling contractor, with over 30 years of experience delivering schemes in the UK. Focusing in on value-engineering, we deliver operational excellence in a range of bored piling solutions, adding value to your projects.

What is Bottom Driven Piling?

Bottom driven piling is a specific method of mini piling. To create bottom driven piles, an internal drop hammer weight is lifted and dropped repeatedly onto a dry concrete plug with a casing, which is then driven into the ground. As the pile is driven to depth, subsequent casing sections are added. As the installation proceeds, fillet welds are used to join the casings. The process is completed by filling the casing with concrete or grout and adding reinforcement once the required depth has been reached.

What are the limitations of bottom driven piles?

Cannon Piling install bottom driven piles in diameters from 105mm to 323mm. The solution is suitable in a wide range of ground conditions and has many applications, including infrastructure, residential, and commercial projects.

What are the advantages of bottom driven piling?

  • The equipment is lightweight and small, making it convenient for extremely restricted access sites

  • Noise and vibration emissions are minimal so it is suited to inner-city working

  • There is no spoil generated

  • Is applicable in most ground conditions

Cannon Piling are skilled and experienced in the delivery of piling projects across the UK. We focus in on value-engineering, providing value-added schemes tailored to your requirements. Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our experts today.

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