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We’re a part of constructing the landscape of tomorrow which means we

have an important role in ensuring our legacy is a positive one.

"Sustainability has been embedded into our short-, mid- and long-term milestone plans as a business, as well as our main challenges, goals, and targets.  We know this is the only way forward. We must adapt, using the constructive and progressive mindset we have always led with, and we hope to move forward to mitigate our negative impact and further the value we create for all our stakeholders."

Kevin Hague, Aarsleff Managing Director 

We are committed to accountability on sustainability and understand that in the current world climate, there can be no more ‘business as usual’

We want to actively further sustainable development, adding value into the communities in which we operate and creating opportunities for all people. Operating within the construction and built environment sector, we are aware of the responsibility we have to innovate in order to reduce emissions and our overall negative impact on the world around us. As part of the ongoing integration of Cannon Piling following its acquisition by Aarsleff Ground Engineering, we are in the process of aligning our sustainability procedures and pushing forward on furthering sustainable development.


So what are we doing? 

Download our sustainability reports:

2021/22 UK Group Sustainability Report

2020/21 Aarsleff UK Group Sustainability Report

2022/23 UK Group Sustainability Report

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