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CFA Piling

Cannon Piling are a specialist CFA piling contractor, designing and delivering operational excellence nationwide. Quieter and with lower vibration than driven piling, it is a choice solution for inner-city foundations and Cannon Piling have been delivering CFA piling schemes for over 30 years.

What is Continuous Flight Auger Piling or CFA Piling?

Continuous flight auger piling, or CFA piling, is a foundation method that involves drilling and concreting in one go, with reinforcement plunged into the wet concrete once the auger is removed. It is a cast in-situ method of piling, meaning the concrete is cast and cured on site, and is common in areas where reduced noise and vibration are important, such as inner cities.

What is the difference between CFA and bored piles?

CFA and bored piles are both installed using augers and both involve cast in-situ concrete. When installing bored piles, however, the auger is removed once the shaft has been dug, with the reinforcement added prior to the concrete pour. Bored piles are larger in diameter than CFA piles, and are therefore often used for larger loads and greater depths. CFA piling is quicker to install, due to the auguring and concreting being part of the same motion.

How deep can CFA piles go?

Cannon Piling are able to install CFA piles from 300mm to 1200mm, with lengths of up to 30m. This means that CFA piling is effective for low to mid-range loads, and suitable for most commercial and residential projects.

What are the advantages of CFA piling?

  • High production rates mean that piles are commercially attractive

  • A broad range of auger sizes (300mm to 1200mm diameter) mean that resources are well optimised, making it an economical solution

  • A depth range of up to 30m means that it is suitable for a wide range of projects and loads

  • Low noise emissions

  • Virtually vibration-free

When Should I use CFA Piles?

CFA piles are effective when piling close to existing buildings or in built up areas due to the extremely low associated vibration and noise. The method is suitable for most soil conditions, meaning it is often used in city environments.

Cannon Piling installs CFA piling and contiguous piled walls across the UK, designing and delivering operational excellence. Get in touch to discuss your project today.

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