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Rotary Bored Piling

Cannon Piling are a specialist contractor in the design and delivery of rotary bored piling. With a wide range of in-house knowledge and capability, value-engineering is at the forefront of our team’s minds. This means our proposed solution will always be the most efficient scheme possible, adding value to your overall project.

What is rotary bored piling?

Rotary bored piling is performed by using an auger and a temporary casing to drill to the desired depth. The casing supports the pile through the ground until the required depth is achieved, the auger is then removed, reinforcement placed, and the concrete is poured in situ.

Rotary bored piles are especially suited for use in hard ground, as they are often larger in diameter than a CFA pile and can penetrate through difficult ground obstructions. They are also often ideal for sites in built up areas due to reduced noise and vibration in comparison to driven alternatives. 

How deep can bored piles go?

Cannon Piling are able to install rotary bored piles from 600mm to 2000mm, with lengths of up to 50m. This large diameter and deep depth capability means they are suited for projects requiring large loads.

What are the advantages of rotary bored piles?

  • Large diameters (600mm to 2000mm) and depths (up to 50m) means they are suitable for large loads

  • Piles can be installed in close proximity of existing structures and buildings due to low noise and vibration

  • Reduced need for large excavation and backfill processes so there is less disruption to the surrounding soil

Cannon Piling are experts in the design and delivery of bored pile schemes. With over 30 years of experience working nationwide, we are the choice contractor for bored pile solutions. Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our experts today.

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