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Bored Piling – The Comprehensive Foundation Solution for Inner City Developments

Cannon Piling delivering bored piling excellence

In urban landscapes where space is a premium and disruption through noise and vibration is imperative to keep to a minimum, bored piling solutions, such as rotary bored piling and CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piling, emerge as the pragmatic choice for developers. When compared to alternatives like precast concrete driven piles, bored piling methods offer a suite of advantages uniquely suited for inner-city environments.

Having worked in and around London for the past 30 years, Cannon Piling are a choice bored piling contractor, delivering operational excellence in comprehensive ground engineering schemes. Our wealth of experience and knowledge means that we are well equipped to provide added-value solutions that do more than meet expectations. Our in depth understanding of the intricacies of carrying out schemes in inner cities ensures we deliver operational excellence every time.

Let’s run through some of the reasons bored piling foundations such as rotary bored and CFA piling are well suited to urban development:

1. Minimal Disruption:

Rotary bored piling and CFA piling involve a drilling process that is inherently less disruptive than prefabricated driven piles. The controlled, quiet drilling operations reduce noise pollution and vibration during installation, making them ideal for projects where distance from existing structures and communities isn’t possible.

2. Versatility in Soil Conditions:

Inner-city developments often encounter diverse soil conditions. Rotary bored piling and CFA piling easily allow for adaptability and the drilled basis of the technique is inherently more robust – whether it's the clay common in urban areas or the dense bedrock beneath. This versatility ensures a reliable foundation regardless of the unpredictable ground conditions. By partnering with Cannon Piling, with our expert in-house design engineers, this adaptability in design can ensure that development continues with minimal disruptions to programme and overall cost.

3. Limited Access Solutions:

When developing in crowded urban environments, limited and restricted access to sites can often cause challenges. With the option of mini piling solutions such as SFA piling available, which works in restricted headroom sites as well as limited access, Cannon Piling offer a comprehensive range of ground engineering solutions. This mobility is a significant advantage over alternatives that may struggle with limited accessibility.

Cannon Piling, with our focus on added-value bored piling solutions, are experts in the delivery of inner-city operational excellence. Our expertise ensures that the precision required for inner-city developments is maintained without compromising on efficiency.


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